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Request for answer key to Intermediate 1 Text & Workbook

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  • Full name: Petter John Jin Soo Gustafsson


  • Occupation: unemployed


  • Affiliation: -na-


  • Introduce yourself briefly: I'm 21-years old and I'm living in the suburbs of a medium-sized city in Sweden. I'm adopted and was born in the South korean city/town Daegu. I came to Sweden when I was about 2 months old. I've been working in retail since I graduated high school in 2011 but ended my employement just a few weeks ago. I've for several months been planning to go to Korea and have therefore been studying the language since november last year. The trip's due date is in the middle of july so I've still plenty of time to improve my Korean. As I've already said I'm not currently working and the last date for applying to universities has already passed, so I won't begin any courses of higher learning until the beginning of next semester.   


  • "Proof that you're not a high school or college student taking a Korean class (e.g., Scanned ID). We CANNOT give access to the keys to those who are or will be taking a Korean class in high schools or colleges.

- I'm a little bit concerned about this paragraph since I can't think of any substantial evidence (like an ID or other proof) that I currently possess which I can use for verification. The only proof I can come up with which might, or not, have any value in this matter, is that there isn't a single swedish university or school of higher learning which offers any courses in Korean. So, quite ironically, there doesn't even exist an opportunity for people to take courses in Korean at any of the renowned swedish unversities.


I did my fair amount of research when I had completed my beginners course in Korean. Of several publishers, I thought that Kleartextbook seemed to be among the better ones. Altough, without the keys to the exercises, it will definitely complicate things.


Anyways, I hope I'll hear from you soon!

Yours sincerely


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